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В 1920 году Лестер Хендершот сделал резонансного типа генератора свободной энергии в нескольких вариантах с мощностью 60-100Вт. Главного трансформатора, когда она сплетена как корзина (присоединенных фото).

NOTE: "In the May, 1953, issue of "Fate" magazine appeared an advertisement from the "Utility
Engines' professing to have plans for sale of a so-called Hendershot motor for $2.50.
Suddenly, all mail was rejected by the address of the "Utility Engines"! I asked Hendershot
about this matter. He told me he learned of it soon after the advertisement was published.
Soon after that he learned about the plans they were selling and using his name. They were
doing this, Hendershot claimed, without his permission or consent. He told me that he
promptly informed the postal authorities of this circumstance. "They must have done
something about it, for I heard nothing more about them," he said. Hendershot was quite
emphatic to me regarding the plans put out by the "Utility Engines" not being of his device.
He was so emphatic, in fact, I felt he, like the maiden, "didst protest too much". Thus, 'the
Ol hound dog's nose' went to the ground! In due course it came up with the information
furnished by an acquaintance of Hendershot's to the effect that Hendershot had remarked at
the time, while the "Utility Engines" information was not his device, "it was pretty damn

Очень редкая книга с полным описание изобретения Хендершота, качаем по ссылке ниже:

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